Wednesday, February 16, 2005

All's in the Fair...

(*i'm taking a break from my super-hectic sked of work!!!)

Ok, last night was my first night at the 2005 UP Fair. It's a week-long annual smorgasboard of music,bands,food and what-have-yous sponsored by different orgs/groups every night, lasting till the wee hours of the day, or till the people get sick of it and leave (whichever comes first).

As expected, there was the fair, and there was THE Fair --- what do i mean? The fair has a fee to get in, leaving those who are decidely cheap or non-intersted to do anything except listen to the music to just mill about the area around the fair and just set up camp. Not that it's not interesting: for a couple of years, my then-bf was too cheap (or just too corny) to go in and experience the fair, so we'd end up listening to the music by the rim of the sunken garden. The place is packed with the stereoypical jologs, cheapie food stalls (i think they have better isaw and squid balls) and interesting folks.

THE fair (once you get in) is a slightly more expensive array of food, people and rides, plus you can hear AND see the performer of the night. (i'm a closet groupie, so i much rather see the band than listen to them, hehe) Jason and i proceeded to the area around 10ish, hoping to catch the prime bands of the night: P.O.T and Rivermaya.

So, for this night, we opted to do the whole shebang: tickets at the door (we missed the free iced tea), stamps on our arms and did a quick run-around of what the fair had to offer. Jason wished he didn't eat dinner, there was a LOT of food!! We decided to go on a mission to find the best barbeque in the area.

A little bit of games (darts and duck shooting, anyone?), some time on the rickety thing they called a ride (it was exhilarating, though a bit sketchy) with the IC peeps and listening to Rico Blanco belt out some old classics (shyet, i feel so old!) made the night quite fun and memorable. We even got prizes for our shooting efforts! (yehey! lollipop!)

So do we dare go back? maybe on thursday or Friday... :-) As for now i'm opting for some movie watching... :-D

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